Best Free Apps For Blogging | Mobile Apps for Blogger to Make Blogging Easier

Mobile Apps for Blogger to Make Blogging Easier

Nowadays, our mobile phones have become a part of our lives and become more of a part than an accessory.
People have started using android phones more than their computer/laptop and soon it could very much become our computer due to its density.
As a blogger, we need to take benefits from our mobiles, and the reason is it compacted and almost always with us on every place.
There are thousands of mobile apps for bloggers that can use and make blogging easier, but not every app is worth. There are many beginners who is starting their blog through their android mobile. 
So, I make a list best free apps for blogging to make blogging easier.

Best Free Apps For Blogging, Mobile Apps for Blogger to Make Blogging Easier
Apps For Blogging

Now you can easily start blogging with your Smartphone!


5 Best Free Apps for Blogging

Here Top 5 Best Free Mobile Apps for Blogger to Make Blogging Easier

01) Google Chrome

Google Chrome Browser APK -
Google Chrome

If you are truly going to start blogging on mobile then, you must have Google Chrome Browser in your Smartphone because Google Chrome is easy to use, fast and secure web browser. When you sign in to Chrome Browser, your bookmarks, passwords, history and settings will be automatically synced across all your devices.


02) Writer Plus (Write On the Go)

Writer Plus (Write On the Go) -
Writer Plus (Write On the Go)

Writer Plus is one of the best mobile apps for bloggers as it helps to type without much fuss on their Smartphone. Writer Plus can help you to write proper articles like on Blogger/WordPress, the attractive think of this app is you can add #headings, ##sub-headings by just adding #.


03) Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard APK -
Grammarly Keyboard 

Just like Grammarly extension help us to write online, Grammarly Keyboard also help one write a error-free text on our Smartphone.
The Grammarly Keyboard is one of the best android app for bloggers who wish to just write and not worry about grammar while writing so.
It provides their suggestion hundreds of checks and flawless addition on every app so, you can type without worry and with coolness.


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04) Snapseed

Snapseed APK

Nowadays, people depend more on their mobile phone camera than a DSLR.
In regard to blogging, we prefer to click photos on mobile phone, and then edit before posting.
Snapseed is a photo-editing app that allows users to improve their photos and apply filters all in one platform.
Snapseed is one of the best android apps for bloggers who want to click and edit their photos on smartphone.
It has many features, filters and easy to use.


05) Keep Notes

Keep Notes -
Keep Notes

Keep Notes is a Google product means it give it’s level services to you. This is very important app for every blogger to remember new ideas.
This app can help you to remember all the ideas. So if you forget your idea at any time (what I do all time) then this app will help you to remember everything.

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