How to Add Responsive Table in Blogger

How To Add Responsive Table In Blogger

You want to create a table in Blogger? 

If so, this article is only for you. To that end, continue reading this article. Creating Responsive Tables with CSS and HTML in Blogger Site. Blogger here aimed at creating a blog with blogger platform, to HTML offline next time. Starting from the extensive use of gadgets, initial from Smartphone to tablet. Display website/blog must follow mobile screen size is flexible, because many of people are using gadgets to carry out its activities on internet. Apart from on the table was that so many potential uses, even make the table responsive. 
Another alternative for producing hobby or individual blogs is to take Blogger, worked by Google. It is one of the older blogging structures at accessible translation. When compared to WordPress there are not some improvement alternatives or outside plug-ins available. Blogger includes hosting and sub domain with region expansion Since blogger works with Google companies, it will combine well with Google Adsense.
How to Add Responsive Table in Blogger -
How to Add Responsive Table in Blogger -
The web development work which covered basic HTML, CSS, Javascript, and NodeJS served in one third of the attendees and gave students the opportunity to make the foundation for their web application of these seven responsibilities submitted one was the team of four fresh students excited that they made a simple webpage and used the new skills that they taught in this course.
The single page web program-and particularly those constructed using Backbone.js-tend to have been composed of the single component HTML page (the single page), one collection of JavaScript models, routers and views, The collection of templates for these views and a collection of computer line companies providing information. The delivery lines companies can typically be part based and produce JSON.
Maybe if you go on your laptop/PC the table maybe normal. But, try to be opened in mobile screen size is quite narrow, the table does not follow the screen.

CSS is the word for describing the introduction of Web pages, including colors, design, and typefaces. It allows one to adjust this introduction to various types of devices,, e.g., large screens, tiny screens, or printers. CSS is separate of HTML and will be applied with any XML-based markup word. This separation of HTML from CSS makes it easier to keep websites, stock fashion sheets across pages, and adapt pages to other environments. This is referred to as the unity of system (or Knowledge) from show.
Getting employable skills, e.g., HTML, CSS, and this ability to create WordPress websites gives you the upper hand when you’re working search. How many of your fellow colleagues learn how to develop the app or make their own site? Unless most of the friends are developers (which if that’s this case you have the gold mine of amazing allies) likely not more.
These last few weeks have been really good to me (credits to this internship program) I have taught a bunch of recent things from applying Git with Bit bucket, to promoting my HTML, CSS and JavaScript and a bunch more. The most impressive thing of this is the fact that I didn't want to stay at the room or talk hall and listen to times of possibilities, no, was able to learn and apply what I learned practically, Which in my opinion is the greatest choice to teach. he fact that we're just getting started with this system gives you the idea of exactly how much impact the system can take on our ( and the other interns) careers.

Watch Video to Create Responsive Table

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As the tech nerd/hobbyist semi freelance network creator, the part of me rejects Medium for the techy weakly goal that comes with the structure like WordPress or Ghost. like to pull the C$S to make the sites Seem to be just good, mess around with plugins and extensions until the website stops Its only a fun moment or me, Plus on communication there's no Markdown 2, which is the important part of my work progress

Design of tables for the web using HTML code, but there should be obeyed it in order to be responsive i.e, tables with CSS code.
Back to the topic we now discuss, let's just put into practice.

How to Insert Table in blogger post without typing HTML 

This method is very easy and simple to add Responsive Table in blogger article without typing HTML, So follow below steps guide to add table in blogger posts.

Step 1: Open your Microsoft Word App (Any version will work). Then click on Insert> then click on Table Section > select rows & columns quantity you need and Press Enter. As shown in image down.
Responsive Table in Blogger -

Step 2: Designing your Table according to your needs – Go to Design options > Select favorite design and Enter. As shown in image down.
Responsive Table in Blogger -

Step 3: Then put content inside Table as you want. 
Step 4: Then copy complete table > Go to > Paste table in Word Editor as shown in below image.
Responsive Table in Blogger -

Step 5: Then Press HTML Tab> Copy all HTML CODE.
Responsive Table in Blogger -

Responsive Table in Blogger -

Step 6: Go to> Create a new post on the blog.

Step 7: To the HTML Tab of Post> Paste that copied code from
Responsive Table in Blogger -

Step 8: Now Click on Compose View> You will see a Dirty Table .
But still it will not be a responsive table. You to do some more steps for one time only in you theme code.

Like it? Read More:

CSS Settings to Add Responsive Table in Blogger

Step1: Go to Theme Settings> Edit as HTML

Step2: Type from your keyboard CTRL+F will show a search box.

Step3: Search for </b:template-skin> or ]]></b:template-skin>

/* CSS Post Table by*/ .post-body table th, .post-body table td, .post-body table caption{border:1px solid #2E2E2E;padding:.2em .5em;text-align:left;vertical-align:top;} .post-body {border:1px solid #2E2E2E;} .post-body th{font-weight:600;} .post-body table caption{border:none;font-style:Arial;} .post-body table{} .post-body td, .post-body th{vertical-align:top;text-align:left;font-size:15px;padding:3px 5px;border:1px solid #010101;} .post-body th{background:#007874;color:#ffff;} .post-body td {border:none;padding:8px;} .post-body, .post-body img, .post-body img {max-width:100%;height:auto;} .post-body {color:#666;font-size:80%;padding:0px 8px 8px !important;} img {max-width:100%;height:auto;border:none;} table {max-width:100%;width:100%;margin:1.5em auto;} table.section-columns td.first.columns-cell{border-left:none} table.section-columns{border:none;table-layout:fixed;width:100%;position:relative} table.columns-2 td.columns-cell{width:50%} table.columns-3 td.columns-cell{width:33.33%} table.columns-4 td.columns-cell{width:25%} table.section-columns td.columns-cell{vertical-align:top}{padding:4px;margin-bottom:.5em}{font-size:80%} 

Step4: Paste the upper code just above the </b:template-skin> or ]]></b:template-skin> as shown below image.
Responsive Table in Blogger -

Step5: Save your template

Now open that post in which table was created and check it on your computer/laptop and smartphone as will you will see a responsive table.

Do you like this article on tutorial of how to add responsive table in blogger, by creating a table that is responsive to all screens and make visitors feel comfortable. Good luck to your practice.

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