What is Forex Trading in Pakistan by Seekhly Online

What Is Forex and how does it work?

The FX or Forex (is also known as foreign exchange) to exchanging different currencies to another, It is a global market place. In view of the overall reach of exchange, business, and account, forex markets will in general be the biggest and most fluid resource markets in the world. Forex (FX) has no unified area, rather the forex market is an electronic organization of banks, intermediaries, establishments, and individual dealers (generally exchanging through brokers or banks). 

What does a broker do?

A broker is an individual that goes about as a delegate between a financial backer (investor) and a protections trade (security exchange). A broker can likewise allude to the part of a firm when it goes about as a specialist (broker) for a client and charges the client a commission for its administrations.

Difference between a broker and a dealer:

A dealer facilitates trades for itself while a broker facilitates security exchanges for investor. The expressions "head" and "dealer" can be utilized conversely. By offering on Treasury securities and different protections, these dealers encourage exchanging by making and keeping up fluid business sectors.

What is Forex Trading in Pakistan by Seekhly Online

The forex market is open 24 hours per day, five days every week, aside from occasions. The forex market is open on numerous occasions on which financial exchanges are shut; however exchanging volume might be lower. 

How large is the Forex?

The Forex market is very unique for many reasons and it has a big size. Actually trading volume is very large. As in foreign exchange market’s trading averaged in 2019 $6.6 trillion per day. Now by comparison according to BIS (Bank for International Settlements), this volume exceeds 25 times to global trading volumes. The largest foreign exchange markets are settled in major centers like New York, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Frankfurt, Sydney and Tokyo.

How to Trade in Forex?

You can buy or sell currencies at any time in a week because the Forex market is open 24 hours per day, five days a week across the global. In the Past forex trading was limited to hedge funds, large companies and governments. But if we talk about today, trading became very easy as click on mouse.  Now there are many investment firms, banks and forex brokers’ offers to trade currencies by open account individually. 

Actually when you are trading there is no physically exchange of money from one to another, you are selling and buying of a particular country’s currency relative to another currency. That’s what happens at a foreign exchange, think if you are visiting New York City from Japan you may be convert your physical yen to actual US dollars so you can spend your money while you are traveling. But if we talk about electronic market, usually traders set position in specific currency with the hope of the currency they are buying will be have some upward moments, so this way they can make a profit.

A profit is made on the difference between your transaction prices in the electronic trading world. The trade of currency is always relative to another currency, if you are buying a currency you are selling another and if you are sell a currency you are buying another.

Differences in the Forex market:

There are some basic difference between other markets and foreign exchange. 

Most importantly, there are less guidelines, which implies financial backers aren't held to as severe principles or guidelines as those in the stock, fates, or alternatives markets. That implies there are no clearing houses and no focal bodies that direct the forex market.

Second, since exchanges don't happen on a conventional trade, you will not track down the very expenses or commissions that you would on another market. Then, there's no cutoff concerning when you can and can't exchange. Since the market is open 24 hours every day, you can exchange whenever of day. At last, since it's a particularly fluid market, you can get in and out at whatever point you need and you can purchase however much cash that you can bear.

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Forex Pairs:

When trading currencies, they are listed in pairs such as following:


United States / Japan

Yen dollar


United Kingdom/United States

Pound dollar


United States / Switzerland

Dollar swissy


United States / Canada

Dollar loonie


New Zealand / United states

Kiwi dollar


Australia / United States

Aussie dollar

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